My ID Empire is an online team building and lead recruiting platform developed for use with Infinity Downline, Infinity 100 programs that gives maximum leverage for its users.

  • Register at My”ID”Empire
  • Join Infinity Downline Inside of My”ID”Empire
  • Promote Your Unique My”ID”Empire Link

What is Infinity Downline?

Infinity downline is a MLM  program that leverages digital media. Meaning Once you are a member you will have access to training materials taught by leaders in internet marketing. These training materials cover things like how to sell products on Ebay to website and video creation. There are tons of audio and video that contain valuable information on how to get more leads for your business and succeed on and offline.  

Here are some quick bullet points you should know.

  •  In order to become an affiliate and promote Infinity downline to others you must first be a member yourself. Membership is $25.00 monthly and this membership is paid directly from member to member NOT to infinity downline.
  • Since memberships are paid directly from member to member Infinity Downline does not have admin fees involved.
  • You become a business of promoting Infinity Downline memberships.
  • Each membership is a recurring fee of $25.00 and each member you sign up pays you that recurring fee every month. That’s right, RESIDUAL INCOME!
  • Infinity Downline uses a software that tracks your sign ups and automatically withdraws your membership fee each month. paying your referrer or sponsor “The person that introduced you to the program”.
  • As you stay with the program and refer more members, your monthly residual income grows.
  • Payouts are instant and you can choose how you wish to get paid. “Paypal, Payza, Instabill, Google Wallet Etc.
  • Infinity downline uses the “reverse 2 up system” below is a video explaining the compensation plan.


The Compensation Plan                                                                       The Proof

Using My”ID”Empire Helps Grow Your Business

If you want to really grow your business you’ll need to have a successful team. With our recruiting platform  there is no need for you to waist time building a website, you simply can register here and promote your “My”ID”Empire link. Your leads will register for FREE here and be placed in the matrix under you giving you a new sign up and  giving them the same tools that you use to duplicate your success!

Without My"ID"EMPIRE 23%
Using My"ID"Empire to promote Their Infinity Downline Business 90%

Actual growth” In percentages”  I had from my downline once they registered and started promoting “My”ID”Empire


Community Support Forum to Help You!

We are the FACEBOOK OF INFINITY DOWNLINE. Our growing team helps one another with questions about online marketing. This is a true team environment and we want everyone to succeed.

Conference Calls Every Tues for Community Members.

Upgrade When Your Ready

Start with only $25.00 and join Infinity Downline. Then when your making money and your ready to upgrade you can upgrade to the Infinity 100 Program and make $125 per referral. Our System also supports Wake Up Now. Join all 3 and you could be making $225.00 per referral. You can easily sign up for all 3 programs right from your My”ID”Empire Admin Panel.

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